New Mailing List

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In light of our apparently growing numbers, I’ve gone ahead and created a mailing list for us. My hope is that it will let us continue our conversations started at the restaurant and breed new topics for the next meeting. Oh, and making things easier on Carl by not making him our communications hub ;-)

New members are moderated, to reduce spam, but I’ll be adding more as people sign up. See you at the next meeting, and happy posting!


Next meeting will be October 9

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We had a great turn out on Thursday. Good company, good food and good conversation. What more do we need? Ah, to do it again. :-) So we will, on October 9th at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Abbotsford.

Current thinking is that 7pm on the second Thursday of the month would work as our regular meeting time. TheĀ  Old Spaghetti Factory in Abbotsford is working nicely as the meeting location so we will stick with that for now too. We might want to move to UFV campus in Abbotsford once our numbers increase to the point where a restaurant becomes inconvenient. There has been some discussion with faculty there in anticipation of this happening. Until then, The Old Spaghetti Factory is where we’re at.

Someone asked about presentations. If you’d like to see something on a particular topic, or would like to give a presentation let us know. No marketing or sales pitches please.


image: detail of installation by Bronwyn Lace